Are You Physically Ready For God's Call

If God called you to build an ark, would you be physically up for the challenge? What if God called you to lead your people out of Egypt; could you do it?

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We are eating ourselves into captivity and out of God's plan for our lives! If you're not living the life that God has designed for you, and you know that you were called to serve with more energy, enthusiasm and passion, then you must address this key area of health and wellness.



People in the US Overweight or Obese


33 Seconds

Everytime someone in the US dies of cardiovascular complications



People that dies every day from cancer


140 Million

Americans suffer from chronic disease

Here's What People Are Saying

Pastor Testimonials

I love this ministry’s multifaceted approach to healthy living. The spiritual teaching and the physical information have given me the tools and support I need to live the way that God created me to live. For me, “Shape Up Church” has been a game changer.

Pastor Phil Schneider - District Superintendent, IL

Our church is filled with countless success stories of people who have participated in Shape Up Church. Dr. Jeff has taught hundreds in Calvary Church to be healthy. It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Jeff & Shape Up Church.

Pastor Randall Ross, IL

As a leader I feel like Dr. Jeff really cares about my ability and desire to serve the Lord until I'm 50, 60, 70 and even 80 years old. He's helped me understand that I need to be physically ready to serve more effectively.

Pastor Ben De Boef, TX

Through Shape Up Church I lost weight, increased my energy to serve and realized that my health has direct impact on God's plan for my life. I recommend Dr. Jeff to any group that needs a passionate message of hope.

Pastor Russ Hurst, MA